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周杰伦 超时代演唱会 DVD+2CD

周杰伦 超时代演唱会 For Jay Chou, the new Chinese Pop heavenly king, and all his albums.. 2011-01-25 : 周杰伦 超时代演唱会 DVD+2CD 专辑曲目: Disc 1 01.龙战骑士 02.跨时代 03.蛇舞 – 周杰伦 / 梁心颐 04.爱在西元前 05.我不配 06.嘻哈空姐 07.威廉古堡

周杰伦 跨时代 Full Album Art Covers

周杰伦 Updated with good album art as I just bought the album from the music shop. I bought the 3D tin box version. Will share photos of that later too. And I love the

周杰伦 龙战骑士 Music Videos DVD Set

周杰伦 I know this is not a CD but nevertheless wanted to share the “album art” of this Jay Chou Music Videos DVD set. There are 2 DVDs in this set and featured 20

周杰伦 魔杰座 内地正式版

周杰伦 Saw this version of Jay Chou (周杰伦) new album 魔杰座 内地正式版. For China market. Looks different from the previously leaked version. After obtaining a version in Singapore, I confirmed this is the final

周杰伦 稻香

周杰伦 稻香 Superstar Jay’s latest Chinese album will be released on 9th October 2008. The title of his new album is 魔杰座. But then…. of course, in today’s ultra competitive music scene, only Mr

周杰伦 Initial J (日本版) CD Cover

周杰伦. His Initial D movie soundtrack. I love the show a lot. Cause it reminded me of the anime version which I watched and loved the characters.. and the cars, of course 🙂 For Jay

周杰伦 11月的萧邦

Recently (again), I went to a 2nd hand CD shop and bought a 2005 Jay Chou (周杰伦) CD. The CD title is November Chopin (11月的萧邦). For Jay Chou, the new Chinese Pop heavenly king,

周杰伦 Song : 外婆

Recently my grandma passed away. She was really very important to me and my life. I doubt I will even be alive if not for her. She feed me, educated me and taught me

周杰伦 Jay Chou Discography Album Art Covers

周杰伦 Jay Chou Discography Album Art Covers. The true “Heavenly King” (to me, my personal opinion) of the late 2000s. Songs after songs of absolute class. Absolute top music. Brilliant. Find all Jay Chou