张学友 我与你

张学友 我与你 A NICE ALBUM 1993-07-24 : 张学友 我与你 曲目列表: 1.我与你 2.只想一生跟你走 3.等你

张学友 释放自己

张学友 释放自己 Updated with big big album art for one of Jacky Cheung’s very unique album. The songs were VERY D

张学友 Private Corner 迷你音乐会

张学友 Heard this album on FLAC format. Brilliant. Jacky rules it all. His voice is so wonderful especially if you hear thi

张学友 Private Corner

张学友 Finally ! His latest album after 2 long years ! In a concert, he once said this must be one of his lowest selling al

张学友 在你身边

张学友 在你身边 His latest Chinese album (as at Jan 2009). That means he had not released a Chinese album for at least

张学友 Life is Like a Dream

张学友 Life is Like a Dream. A very nice album !! 2004-04 : 张学友 Life is Like a Dream Track Listing 01.勇敢的故事

张学友 雪狼湖

张学友 雪狼湖. His excellent musical in 2005. Very good songs and very great drama ! Songs like 爱是永恒, 怎么舍

张学友 爱与交响曲

张学友 爱与交响曲 演唱会&音乐无疆界演唱会 A specific edition of the CD recording of the 2 different mus

张学友 Black & White

张学友 Black & White A few new songs in this Chinese compilation album. 黑白画映 and 忘了哭 are pretty good ! 20

张学友 音乐之旅 Live 演唱会

张学友 音乐之旅 Live 演唱会 Another great concert. I like this set of CDs very much. There are 3 CDs in this set and

张学友 他在哪里

张学友 他在哪里 Combination of Chinese and Canto songs. I have many favourites in this album including 他在那里,

张学友 拉阔音乐会

张学友 拉阔音乐会 2001-10 : 张学友 拉阔音乐会 TRACK LISTING 01.Theme Song 02.Touch Of Love 03.Corazon De Melao