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那些曾经感动的音符 新谣淳音乐

Introducing 那些曾经感动的音符 新谣淳音乐. A xinyao album which are actually the instrumental music of those popular xinyao songs. It is really nice to drive along our (once) beautiful country and tap your fingers to steering

梁文福 我听到天开始亮了

Liang Wern Fook 梁文福 album after 24 years !!! 我听到天开始亮了…. His album after many many years. A super fan of XinYao, I am… so happy to listen to this album… Simply love this song

群星 起飞 新谣电视剧原声歌曲

起飞 is a TV series in Singapore that focus on the development of Xinyao and hence part of our SG50 celebrations. This album 起飞 新谣电视剧原声歌曲 contains a wide selection of Xinyao songs. They are

我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切 电影原声带

That Girl In Pinafore (A Singapore Love Story) in CD format ! Xinyao repackaged in a modern form… Love Xinyao ! Love my country !! 2013-07 : 我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切 电影原声带 And available on iTunes.. how

本地姜辣 Ben Di Jiang La

I have a very soft spot for Xin Yao or 新谣 which are local Singapore songs. These songs are written and sang back in the days where Singapore is a real country. Where locals

新谣精选 那一段日子 HDCD

Another collection of Xinyao songs (新谣精选 那一段日子 HDCD) and this time in a box and HDCD quality…. There are 4 CDs in all each with a title of its own… And all in fingerprint-attracting

郑展伦 同学会

郑展伦 A veteran of 新谣 ! 2010-05-17 : 郑展伦 同学会 专辑曲目: 01 我的朋友﹐我的同学﹐我最爱的一切(2010独唱版) 02 我会用真心填满你的孤单 (2010版) 03 期待 (2010年EP新歌) 04 同类 (重新演译孙燕姿经典) 05 河水山(重新演译新加坡电视剧经典主题曲) 06 我的朋友﹐我的同学﹐我最爱的一切(郑展轮&李伟松&吴庆康合唱钢琴版)

新谣 难忘经典

I love 新谣 ! 新谣 难忘经典 专辑曲目: CD1 1.野人的梦 – 黄宏墨/跳动律小组 2.新衣哪有旧衣好 – 梁文福/颜黎明 3.让夜轻轻落下 – 潘盈 4.给父亲的话 – 洪劭轩 5.看一场週末电影 – 颜黎明 6.星空下 – 巫启贤 7.Then Hor Then Hor -吴庆康 8.借唐朝再燃烧 -黄宏墨 9.我用真心填满你的孤单

梁文福 绕梁一世 Best Compilation Album for 梁文福

梁文福 梁文福 绕梁一世 is easily the best Compilation Album for 梁文福. There are 6 CDs in the set and the first 5 are CD copies of the original albums that were originally released in