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李幸倪 浮世绘

Gin Lee 李幸倪 latest album 浮世绘 [2019-07-19] 李幸倪 浮世绘 Available on Apple Music Larger album art. But not by a lot 🙂 Track Listing 1.浮世绘 2.饿 3.以爱情的罪名 4.听不懂 5.耽误 6.孤独门口7.Goodnight(& BCW) 8.U&I(& 陈梓童) 9.两个我

李幸倪 BeGin and More

Gin Lee 李幸倪 BeGin and More. Gin’s latest “live” concert (sort of) album.. Do you like BeGin album (her last full album).. I love it… Get it on iTunes Music: [2016-11-25] 李幸倪 BeGin and

李幸倪 beGin

Gin Lee latest album… beGin.. er.. sounds very close to virgin leh… 🙂 Do you like her songs ? There are two Mandarin songs in this Cantonese album too…. 光芒 and 君子兰 [2016-04-18] 李幸倪

李幸倪 同名专辑

Her latest album.. been active in the music scene.. JIA YOU !!! you can find her albums here: 2012-07-30 : 李幸倪 同名专辑 专辑曲目: 01.Falling 02.今天终於一人回家 03.好姊妹 04.前科 05.GT 06.Killer 07.1st Date 08.换季生活 09.默哀 10.认真先输了

李幸倪 Here I Come

李幸倪 Here I Come Gin is back with another album. Her Second Album….. 2011-10 : 李幸倪 Here I Come Track Listing 1.潜水 2.废话少说 3.陪衬 4.Tequila Sunrise 5.十年如当日

李幸倪 One and Only

李幸倪 Hopefully this is not her one and only album too 🙂 And yes, it is not.. so you can find her albums here: 2009-12 : 李幸倪 One and Only 专辑曲目 1.最美的梦 2.我不要 3.牺牲品