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林宥嘉 The GREAT YOGA 演唱会数位Live精选

Yogi Lin 林宥嘉 The GREAT YOGA 演唱会数位Live精选 ! His career is really flying ! A concert tour CD ! [2018-07-01] 林宥嘉 The GREAT YOGA 演唱会数位Live精选 Album Art Covers Track Listing 1.热血无赖 2.4 号病房 3.我总是一个人在练习一个人

林宥嘉 今日营业中

Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 is back ! With a very unique album title, Sell like Hot Cakes 今日营业中 ! Carrot Cakes ? Birthday Cakes ? What cakes 🙂 And as usual, this album is already

林宥嘉 神游世界巡迴演唱会台北旗舰场

Amazing how this guy 林宥嘉 can even have a concert .. WOW 🙂 How different his fate compared to others in the same competition.. YOU CAN GET MORE OF HIS ALBUMS: [2013-07-01] 林宥嘉 神游世界巡迴演唱会台北旗舰场

林宥嘉 邂逅爵士慈善音乐会Live精华

Yoga Lin… With Jazz music.. Nice.. [2013-02-05] 林宥嘉 邂逅爵士慈善音乐会Live精华 专辑曲目: CD 1 01.Singing In The Rain 02.As Time Goes By 03.Yesterday’s News 04.Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 05.Lovely Day 06.倒带人生 07.飘 08.Waltz For Koop

林宥嘉 大小说家

He is back and probably one of the more successful singers from the competition so far…. YOU CAN GET MORE OF HIS ALBUMS: 2012-06-22 : 林宥嘉 大小说家 专辑曲目: Disc 1 01.思凡 02.Runaway Mama 03.越反越爱

林宥嘉 美妙生活

林宥嘉 He is doing well in his singing career. 3rd album already. Many good songs here.. including a super weird title like “我总是一个人在练习一个人” but it is actually a damn nice song too ! YOU

林宥嘉 神秘嘉宾

林宥嘉 : Yoga Lim. Winner of the Taiwan talent singing competition. His first album, Mystery Guest 神秘嘉宾 YOU CAN GET MORE OF HIS ALBUMS HERE: 2008-06-03 : 林宥嘉 神秘嘉宾 Track Listing 1.眼色 2.神秘嘉宾 3.爱情是圆的

林宥嘉 感官/世界

林宥嘉 Yoga is back with 2nd album… Hope it is as good as the first one… he was the winner of the first season of the 《超級星光大道》. Actually nowadays I no longer watch as