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柯以敏 断了线

柯以敏 断了线 Took me a long while to track down this album. I love the song 她在睡前哭泣 that she sang with 李玟. Of course she was the original singer of the hit song 太傻.

柯以敏 绝对收藏

柯以敏 绝对收藏 Heard her version of 太傻 when I was much younger 🙂 2009-02 : 柯以敏 绝对收藏 CD1 01. 爱我 02. 拥抱我 03. 断了线 04. 天亮以前 05. 在秋天醒来 06. 两难 07. 思念绵绵 08. 走出爱情