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胡夏 拾

Hu Xia 胡夏 EP 拾. Just two songs. Hence an EP. 2020-05-14 : 胡夏 拾 A larger album art cover Track Listing 专辑曲目: 01.等雨02.花期

胡夏 念·旧

Hu Xia 胡夏 album 胡夏 念·旧 I am a little confused on when it is released. Is it in April 2019 or in Dec 2018. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the excellent song,

胡夏 替我照顾她

He is back… 胡夏 with yet another smashing album ! [2015-04-14] 胡夏 替我照顾她 Track Listing 1.美好的昨天 2.替我照顾她 3.爱情生态 4.另一个噪音 5.幸福在这里 6.好人 7.你在哪里 8.后来者 9.脱离现实 10.普罗米修诗

胡夏 傻瓜探戈

Hu Xia and his third album ! 2013-06-22 : 胡夏 傻瓜探戈 曲目: 01.傻瓜探戈 02.爱情离我一公尺 03.改变 04.学着走 05.离家以后 06.微笑的人 07.黑框眼镜 08.我们会不会 09.还好有个你 10.静电

胡夏 燃点

胡夏 燃点 I must admit I am very wrong. Initially I thought this guy was not a worthy winner of the singing competition and then I thought okie.. at most one album. Amazingly, here’s

胡夏 胡 爱夏

胡夏 胡 爱夏 超级星光大道第六届冠军. Frankly, he is the most unworthy winner in my mind out of the 6 rounds so far. But then, what do I know ? Let’s see how his albums fare.