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胡彦斌 入目三分

Tiger Hu’s latest album 胡彦斌 入目三分 [2018-11-22] 胡彦斌 入目三分 Large Large Album Art: Track Listing 01. 愛不得 恨不得 舍不得 02. 盡頭的你 03. 寶藏男友 04. 疤 05. 快樂轉載 06. 高貴與卑微 07. 1075 08. 我不確定 09.

胡彦斌 覅忒好

Tiger Hu 胡彦斌 latest album in 2018 with a very complicated name 覅忒好. And a complicated looking album art cover. You can already hear the songs on Apple Music: [2018-01-23] 胡彦斌 覅忒好 iPHONE Track

胡彦斌 太歌

Anson Hu.. If i am not wrong, all these songs are sung by others first.. probably he is the composer ? [2014-01-09] 胡彦斌 太歌 Album available in Taiwan iTunes Store Track List 01.没那么简单 02.为你我受冷风吹

胡彦斌 大一号

Anson Hu’s 胡彦斌 latest album.. One Size Bigger 大一号. I hate the ALBUM COVER 🙂 2012-10-30 : 胡彦斌 大一号 (2nd Dec: updated with contribution from reader Denise.. Thanks !) 专辑曲目: 01.爱情是怎么了 02.我以為 03.卡拉永远ok 04.在一起

胡彦斌 Who Cares

胡彦斌 Who Cares Apple Music STORE: 2011-09-19 : 胡彦斌 Who Cares Track Listing 1.Life 2.一万光年 3.鸿门宴 4.女人不该让男人流泪 5.One Night In Shanghai 6.伤痕 7.Lisa I Love U 8.不是猛龙不过江 9.小小的心愿 10.爱情总是猜得到开头猜不到结局

胡彦斌 失业情歌

胡彦斌 胡彦斌 失业情歌 is such a sad song.. so true about people of our age 🙁 Sigh.. structural unemployment 🙁 You can listen to his songs on Apple Music: 2009-12-08 : 胡彦斌 失业情歌 Track

胡彦斌 男人歌 全胜 铂金版 Album

胡彦斌 男人歌 You can listen to his songs: Everyone is issuing Compilation Discs and some come with DVD too.. what a competitive market… 🙂 2008 : 男人歌 全胜 铂金版 track listing 01. 婚礼进行曲 02.

胡彦斌 Music 混合体

胡彦斌 I like his songs. In this album the best is “Waiting for You”. The rest are nice. Just nice 🙂 2004 : 胡彦斌 Music 混合体 Track Listing 1.情不自禁 2.Waiting For You 3.干脆点 4.我的未来不是梦 5.红颜

胡彦斌 Tiger Hu Albums Cover Art

胡彦斌 Visit his iTunes Store: 2008 : 胡彦斌 音乐斌潮 专辑曲目: CD 1 01. 男人 KTV 02. Waiting For You 03. 你这么晚了还没睡 04. 巴黎铁塔 05. 瀟湘雨 06. 月光 07. 婚礼进行曲 08. 情不自禁 09. 十八禁 Intro [Taiwan