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萧敬腾 欲望反光

Jam Hsiao latest album 萧敬腾 欲望反光 (Reflection of Desire) !! [2018-06-22] 萧敬腾 欲望反光 iTunes: Big big album art cover for you ! 专辑曲目: 1. 皮囊 2. 王妃2.0 3. 让我为你唱情歌 4. 你会在哪呢 5. 全是爱 6.

萧敬腾 Reminiscence

Jam Hsiao latest ! With his album 萧敬腾 Reminiscence. But this album is singing others’ songs (again ?). The other time was this album 萧敬腾 爱的时刻自选辑. Heard he recorded this studio album very fast.

萧敬腾 The Song

Be warned, many album art covers floating around in the internet…. hope to get the finalised one soon 🙂 JAM HSIAO ALBUMS IN Apple Music [2014-06-27] 萧敬腾 The Song 专辑曲目: 01. 吻我吧 02. 我就是爱你

萧敬腾 以爱之名 爱的典藏版

I am sure you are NOT surprised that there is a DELUXE edition (爱的典藏版) for Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾 It’s All About Love (以爱之名).. nowadays, every single album must have different versions.. wonderful huh. Not

萧敬腾 以爱之名

Jam Hsiao.. 萧敬腾 and his latest album.. pretty cool album art.. And it is all about love 以爱之名.. isn’t it all life is about 🙂 I think he is still one of the more

萧敬腾 Mr Jazz

English album ? 2012-05-09 : 萧敬腾 Mr Jazz Track Listing 01.Intro 02.For Once In My Life 03.(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 04.How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 05.How Deep Is Your Love

萧敬腾 狂想曲

萧敬腾 狂想曲 JAM HSIAO ALBUMS IN Apple Music 2011-06-30 : 萧敬腾 狂想曲 专辑曲目: Disc 1 01.你 02.复製人 03.狂想曲 04.只能想念你 05.话不多 06.怎麼说我不爱你 07.不停有意外的世界 08.敷衍 09.信仰 10.好想对你说 (悲伤版) 11.好想对你说 Disc 2 01.白蛇传 02.茉莉恋 03.看对眼

萧敬腾 爱的时刻自选辑

萧敬腾 爱的时刻自选辑 is a Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾) album in 2009. Singing other people’s songs though. Quite well received ! JAM HSIAO ALBUMS IN Apple Music 2009-11-13 : 萧敬腾 爱的时刻自选辑 Track Listing 1 开到荼靡 – 原唱:王菲

萧敬腾 王妃

萧敬腾 王妃 album… His latest album. Funny how the life of a person changes with one moment (or moments) in a contest. Life. Fate. Destiny. I love 善男信女 this song a lot. JAM HSIAO

萧敬腾 给.爱人

萧敬腾 A single released in Dec 2008. I was told it was for charity purposes although I am not sure. Enjoy !! 2008 : 萧敬腾 给.爱人 萧敬腾 – 给.爱人 Lyrics 作词:陈镇川 作曲:萧敬腾 俯瞰城市的灯火 我仿佛看到你招手 穿我爱的紫色

萧敬腾 同名专辑

萧敬腾 同名专辑 JAM HSIAO ALBUMS IN Apple Music 2008-6 : 萧敬腾 同名专辑 Track Listing 01. 收藏 02. 王子的新衣 03. 原谅我 04. 奋不顾身 05. 疼爱 06. 多希望妳在 07. 活著 08. 一辈子存在 09. 我在哭 10. Blues