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蔡依林 Ugly Beauty

Jolin 蔡依林 ! It has been such a long while since we heard her new albums…. 蔡依林 Ugly Beauty is the title of the album. I think the album art is damn ugly lo….

蔡依林 Play世界巡回演唱会

蔡依林 Play世界巡回演唱会. Her latest album for her World Tour concert soundtracks… Have you seen this concert ? And what a nice album art cover ! With a very sexy Jolin !! 🙂 Listen to

蔡依林 呸

Jolin is back !! 蔡依林 呸 Available on iTunes now ! [2014-11-15] 蔡依林 呸 【專輯曲目】: 01.第二性 02.Play我呸 03.美杜莎 04.唇語 05.I`m Not Yours Feat.安室奈美惠NAMIE AMURO 06.自愛自受 07.Miss Trouble 08.電話皇后 09.第三人稱 10.不一樣又怎樣

蔡依林 唯舞独尊 演唱会鲜听版&混音

蔡依林 唯舞独尊 演唱会鲜听版&混音 [2006-09-01] 蔡依林 唯舞独尊 演唱会鲜听版&混音 Track Listing 1.唯舞獨尊 2.情逢敵手 3.懷念 4.聽說愛情回來過 5.今天你要嫁給我 6.墓仔埔也敢去 7.假裝(粵語版) 8.舞孃 (765天旋地轉 Acid House Mix) 9.MR.Q (All Night Party remixed by DJ Submarine) (提供) 10.舞孃 (Breakdown Stomp Mix)

蔡依林 J女神 影音典藏精选

Compilation album from Jolin 蔡依林 J女神 影音典藏精选 Never heard from Jolin 蔡依林 for a while… Where are you ? 🙂 A new album soon ! Please ! [2012-09-07] 蔡依林 J女神 影音典藏精选 CD 1 招牌动作

蔡依林 爱的谬思 精裝版 Muse of Love

Just to update with the cover and back of Jolin 2012 album, Muse. A different version.. 2012年8月22日,专辑开始预购并分为两个版本:「MUSE of Dream 梦的谬思豪华版」附送梦遊巴黎摄影集和艺术家Andy WhooHoo證件夹、「MUSE of Love 爱的谬思精装版」附送36页茱丽叶纸上电影歌词本写真书。2012年9月14日,专辑正式发行,共有预购双版和平装版。 [2012-09-14] 蔡依林 爱的谬思 精裝版 Muse of Love 1.大艺术家(The Great Artist)

蔡依林 Muse

蔡依林 Muse…. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) latest album called Muse. Available on iTunes : According to dictionary: muse 1. to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject. 2. Archaic . to gaze meditatively

蔡依林 城堡

蔡依林 with her album, 城堡 The ultimate diva… the pretty Jolin !!! Now available on iTunes ! 2004-02 : 蔡依林 城堡 Track Listing 1.爱情三十六计 2.就是爱 3.柠檬草的味道 4.海盗 5.始作俑者 6.Love Love Love(Ot:Stop Stop Stop) 7.消失的城堡

蔡依林 Together

蔡依林 Together Find her albums on iTunes: Cleaning up my 蔡依林 collection of MP3 and APE (and FLAC) so that’s why you are seeing a lot of her album art recently 🙂 Another one

蔡依林 Lucky Number

蔡依林 Lucky Number Sweet innocent Jolin. 2001-07 : 蔡依林 Lucky Number Track Listing 01 Bridge Over Troubled Water 02 看紧我 03 Lucky Number 04 如果不想要 05 捕手 06 Take It Easy 07 只有一个你 08

蔡依林 看我72变

蔡依林 Isn’t she lovely. Still sweet and adorable but starting to turn to her diva image.. you can see the title, 蔡依林 看我72变. She is changing 72 times ! 🙂 🙂 Available on iTunes now:

蔡依林 J-Game 野蛮游戏

蔡依林… 蔡依林 J-Game 野蛮游戏.. Another “J” this, Another “J” that album.. she is Jolin mah !:) Isn’t Jolin amazingly sexy and pretty in this album art. She really has a lot of style and

蔡依林 1019

蔡依林 1999 Album. More than 20 years ago. Her Debut Album. Look how innocent she looked then… amazing, right ? How young and innocent Jolin looks then. HA. Now she is such a mature

蔡依林 Take 2 Myself – Dance with Me

蔡依林 album 蔡依林 Take 2 Myself – Dance with Me in the year 2010. I have never actually even heard this album too.. I guess it is full of dance tracks re-mixed from her

蔡依林 Myself 2010 概念专辑

蔡依林 Myself 2010 概念专辑: Jolin Tsai’s latest album. Confused over the different album covers. And even more confused over what exactly is this album all about 🙂 Find this album on iTunes: 2010-08-13 : 蔡依林