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F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划

FIR ! I did not know they are still singing ! 🙂 AMAZING [2019-04-30] F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划 Large Album Art Track Listing 1.Fairyland In Reality 2.爱上属于你的天空(In The Name Of You) 3.自由之歌(The Freedom Song) 4.梦见岛(Dream

F.I.R 飞儿乐团 Better Life

Their latest album !! [2013-12-13] F.I.R 飞儿乐团 Better Life Track Listing 1.七號公路 2.Light up the way 3.天使都哭了 4.是你 5.大航海鬥士 6.I remember 7.花瘋 8.千軍破 9.孩子的天空 10.Better life

F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 Believe 2004-2011 十年精选

FIR Compilation album for their releases in the past 10 years !! The album art is very direct, isn’t it… just a shot of a few of their original album art covers 🙂 [2013-11-22]

FIR 阿沁 梵谷的左耳

An album from one of the members of the F.I.R. team 2007-03 : FIR 阿沁 梵谷的左耳 Track Listing 1.圣堂之门 2.梵谷的左耳 3.其实还爱你 4.记得爱 5.大暴走 6.光荣时刻 7.绿洲 8.我不懂 9.南极星 10.青空(配乐) 11.遗失的美好

F.I.R.(飞儿乐团) 亚特兰提斯

FIR 飞儿乐团 FIR latest album. Very good album with many great songs and a fantastic looking album art cover to match the quality of the album. 2011-04-15 : F.I.R.(飞儿乐团) 亚特兰提斯 专辑曲目: 01.亚特兰提斯 02.泪光闪烁 03.花非花

F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 让我们一起微笑吧

F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 让我们一起微笑吧 Everyone is coming up with new albums these few weeks ! I like this album art. Blue and nice. Standing on the last piece of ice in North Pole ? 🙂

F.I.R 无限(刺鸟荣耀珍藏版)

FIR 飞儿乐团 with F.I.R 无限(刺鸟荣耀珍藏版) 2005-05-27 : F.I.R 无限(刺鸟荣耀珍藏版) 01 无限 02 千年之恋 03 LOVE*3 04 盛宴… 05 应许之地 06 把爱放开 07 Neverland 08 The Legend 传说… 09 刺鸟 10 爱的力量 11 死心的理由 12

FIR 飞儿乐团 Discography

Many album arts for the FIR 飞儿乐团 Discography 2004 : FIR 飞儿乐团 2005 : FIR 无限 2006 : FIR 飞行部落 2007 : FIR 爱·歌姬