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Tank 新计划

Wow. not heard from Tank for a while His latest album !! Tank 新计划. Yes his new plan !! [2018-11-20] Tank 新计划 Nice big album art 【曲目】 01. New Plan 02. 幸福的權利 03. 夜裡的月光

Tank 延长比赛 Keep Fighting

Tank 延长比赛 Keep Fighting is his 2nd album. 2007-01 : Tank 延长比赛 Keep Fighting 专辑曲目: 1.反恐小组 2.街头霸王 3.延长比赛 4.非你莫属 5.岚 6.第二次初恋 7.晴天雨 8.专属天使 9.城里的月光 10.最后的微笑 11.Dear Tank

Tank 第三回合

Tank 第三回合 His latest album. 全世界都停电 is a very catchy song but the song here that attracted a lot of attention is 如果我变成回忆 which he sang of himself and his pain of his knowing