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吴若希 爱情无价

There you go, the TVB shows’ theme songs queen :). Miss Jinny Ng 吴若希 with a whole album FULL of TVB shows. As I shared in this blog post, I needed this kind of

Even Chinesealbumart has to follow the times

I am a pretty stubborn Virgo. Today, streaming music are all over the place and Spotify or Apple Music or KKbox will have all the songs you wanted. Even the Mandarin and Cantonese Pop,

谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

The very popular Tam Kayee 谭嘉仪… the Hong Kong singer of so so many TVB serial shows 🙂 “Can You Hear” is of course the best song from 白色强人 but there is also 今宵多珍重

延禧攻略 电视剧原声带

雪落下的声音. I don’t know about you but I can hear this song the whole day and not get bored. For so many months 🙂 Love it. The album soundtrack is out already for a

Hana 菊梓乔 忘记我自己

Hana 菊梓乔 ! The latest TVB theme songs queen, replacing those in front of her.. She been singing quite a few of TVB songs and this album contains quite a few of them !

何雁诗 Lost in Love

Stephanie Ho 何雁诗.. with many TVB songs to her credit. This album, Lost in Love, is the same… quite a few latest TVB shows’ theme songs.. such as 致命復活, EU超時任務 and 四個女仔三個BAR ! I

TVB TV Love Songs Forever 2015

Oh my god.. always my happiness to see TVB produces its theme songs in the albums. Out on iTunes Store now !! So many good songs (or rather since I hear them almost every

田蕊妮 You Are My Man

Wow.. the latest hot star in TVB, the new QUEEN of TVB ? .. Now got her own album !! 2014-04-03 : 田蕊妮 You Are My Man 专辑曲目: 01 不伤人 (原唱:萧煌奇) 02 爱一个人好难 (原唱:苏永康)

周美欣 Lori

Lori Chow…. Her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lorichowofficial You can get the album here: This is her debut album. She is a TVB actress.. saw her in one TVB show… very pretty ! [2013-11-01] 周美欣 Lori

郑嘉颖 说来话长

TVB Kevin Cheng !! 郑嘉颖 WOW .. HE SINGS ?? 🙂 [2013-11-13] 郑嘉颖 说来话长 专辑曲目: 01.幸福的遗憾 02.大爱 03.编号 758260 04.说来话长 05.回到爱的现场

官恩娜 Wannabe

Ella ! Pretty Hong Kong singer/actress (I miss her TVB shows !!)… Her latest album.. Wannabe.. [2013-08-16] 官恩娜 Wannabe Track Listing 1.So In Love 2.温馨提示 3.干脆俐落 4.你都不懂 5.交换角色 6.谢谢你离开 7.爱人不疑(国) 8.谢谢你离开(Live)

林峰 A Time 4 You

Raymond Lam 林峰 latest album, A Time 4 You … Been waiting for it as I was looking forward to hearing the 2 songs from the TVB shows that he acted in. The one

钟嘉欣 Love Love Love

The pretty sexy Linda ! She has started to become very good at acting. I highly recommend this song「最幸福的事」… from her TVB drama 护花危情. And in the same TVB Drama, she sang 月亮代表我的心 too.

陈法拉 美丽人生

Oh my god.. my darling in TVB !! Fala has released an album. They loved to do such “extra” new avenues for their top artists… Enjoy !! FALA rocks !! 2012-07-31 : 陈法拉 美丽人生

关菊英 遗忘了以往

关菊英 遗忘了以往 TVB star ! TVB Rocks !! 🙂 This album has many of the TVB shows theme songs … from 「讲不出声」 、 「无心害你」、「攻心计」、「万千竉爱」etc. 2012-06-01 : 关菊英 遗忘了以往 专辑曲目: 01.遗忘了以往 02.似风如水 03.举世无双 04.各安天命 05.笑著行