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黄宗泽 Bravo

黄宗泽 Wow.. another album from Bosco ! And indeed you can get it from Apple Music: 2010-06-03 : 黄宗泽 Bravo Track Listing 01. 一代宗师 02. 越过高山越过谷 03. BW1213 04. 畏高 05. 千金乱散

Love TV 情歌精选 2

Love TV 情歌精选 2 For the true blue TV fans. This year’s TVB shows theme songs. Last year was a success too. There are songs from this year’s two monster shows, 宫心计 and 富贵门.

胡杏儿 Loveholic Album

胡杏儿 有意 was a very nice song that you can hear that she sang with very handsome 郑嘉颖 in the TVB serial, 烈火雄心3. I love that song ! Very romantic ! 2009-11-25 : 胡杏儿

钟嘉欣 My Love Story

钟嘉欣 She is back with another album. Not seen her a lot in TVB Drama recently. As usual, this album has 2 Mandarin songs in addition to her usual candy sounding Canto pop. Also

徐子珊 Kiss Me EP

徐子珊 Kiss Me EP I love Kate. I love her shows and think she is such a super babe. Of course, I am surprised she released an album. But I think that’s a very

林峰 Let’s Get Wet

林峰 Let’s Get Wet His latest album ! Not seen him on TVB serial for a while ! 2009-06-16 : 林峰 Let’s Get Wet Tracks 1.Let’s Get Wet 2.换个方式爱你 3.得宠 4.如果时间来到 5.值得流泪 6.爱斗大 7.Illusion

金牌女儿红 TVB Songs Album

金牌女儿红 I love this album. The cover is so beautiful. Red and Bright. And full of pretty TVB stars 🙂 (if only Miriam is not in the middle.. it should be 钟嘉欣 or my

TVB 2009 Calendar Is Out. And I love it.

I cannot live without my TVB serials ! No how. No why. No way. No Asian TV serials come even 1/4 close to any TVB serials ! TVB ROCKS ! TVB ROCKS ! And

黄宗泽 In Love with Bosco

黄宗泽 Okay. This is too much. First the girlfriend, now it is his turn. And they are not even great singers and they get to release new albums. What’s going on with TVB !

胡杏儿 Evolve 2008 Album

胡杏儿 Do you like her as an actress ? I sometimes find that while she act well, she does seemed always to be acting the righteous and goody two shoes in her TVB serials

江若琳 Shining Album

江若琳 A good singer in Hong Kong. Her latest album is Shining and the previous album is called Innocent. And she acted really well in the 2009 TVB drama 学警狙击. So cute ! 🙂

泳儿 Pieces of V

泳儿 Latest album. Of course she is now more famous for singing that duet 明天以后 with 林峰 but one must not forget she is an established singer herself. I like 最美丽的第七天 very much as

林峰 Your Love

林峰 Your Love His latest 2008 album, Your Love. It has, of course, to contain the “credits song” (the song that is played when the credits are showed at the end of each episode)

Love TV 情歌精选

I am a fan of TVB Hong Kong serials and hence is very familiar with all the theme songs for the TV serials. Just a few days ago, there is a release of the

钟嘉欣 一人晚餐 二人世界

钟嘉欣 TVB Star and is now also as a singer ? You can get more of her albums here: She is an absolute babe and is one of the hottest young star in TVB