Wall of Sound iPad App uses album art

As usual, I love apps like this. This app is called Wall of Sound.

Wall of Sound iPad App

It is actually a music player. It made use of all your music album art covers in your iPad library as an interactive unique way of allowing you to listen (and discover) music.

When launched, it showed the album art covers of all the albums in your iPad music library and also some covers from the iTunes store. I promptly switched off the latter from settings which can be found on the right bottom part of the app.

The size of the albums can be zoomed in or out.

Wall of Sound App

Wall of Sound app

Wall of Sound app

When you tap on the album art cover, it promptly played the songs inside the album. A double tap showed all the songs inside that particular album for your choosing or randomize the songs inside the album. You can also twitter, facebook or email the songs too.

Wall of sound app

Wall of Sound app

Wall of Sound app

  1. kenvin

    This is really cool.. Available as free download or purchase on the app store??

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