Will be harder to get GOOD Album Art Covers

Sad day for Album Art Lovers… Got this news from a China website:

7月28日, 内部获悉, 从2012年7月26日发布的Hong_Chen-Ms_72-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK (洪辰《72小姐》 [2012年07月26日])开始,
TosK最新华语专辑正式版不再提供高清扫图, 只有宽度低于1000px的封面, 封底, cd图.
COCMP3, iUKoO可能还会有.
因为在近两年, 华语专辑正式版几乎等于TosK, 所以标题写大了.
原因不解释, 借用115 ceo赖霖枫一句话“真的希望聪明的您能够懂”.

Tosk has been a great provider of Chinese Album Art covers for the whole album art community.. or the 封面党 community.. perhaps there is a reason behind it but I hope my site is not the cause 🙁

I will continue to try to scout for good album art covers and also continue to scan my collection for all of you. Hopefully things will change or improve 🙁

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