Beyond Albums

Beyond.Beyond was a famous rock band in Hong Kong that was founded in 1983. They have always identified with the people of Hong Kong, as reflected in their songs about social issues, pursuit of dreams, politics, and peace.

1989 : Beyond 真的见证
Beyond 真的见证

1990 : Beyond 命运派对
Beyond 命运派对

1991 : Beyond 犹豫
Beyond 犹豫

1992 : Beyond 无尽空虚
Beyond 无尽空虚

1992 : Beyond 继续革命
Beyond 继续革命

1993 : Beyond 乐与怒
Beyond 乐与怒

1997 : Beyond 请将手放开
Beyond 请将手放开

1998 : Beyond 秘密警察
Beyond 秘密警察

1999 : Beyond Good Time
Beyond Good Time

1999 : Best Of Beyond 光辉岁月十五年
Best Of Beyond 光辉岁月十五年


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